John Rabolt

John Rabolt

Karl W. and Renate Böer Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Email :
Phone : (302) 831-4476
211 DuPont Hall


Dr. Rabolt`s research interests are in the area of polymer deformation and orientation, electrospinning polymer nanofibers, organic thin films, IR/Raman spectroscopy, and biomolecular materials for tissue engineering. An additional area of research that has evolved over the last decade has been instrumental development. A new infrared technique that promises to change the time scale for observing new phenomena (fast reactions, polymer fracture, irreproducible events, etc.) in materials was developed in Dr. Rabolt`s lab and uses a dispersive spectrograph and a focal plane array. The new technique, planar array IR (PA-IR), has no moving parts, is capable of double beam operation, and can record an infrared spectrum in less than 10 milliseconds. Recently, this instrument has been used to study “real-time” Langmuir film compression, liquid crystal reorientation, and cyclic elastic deformation of polymer films.


  • Innovation in Materials Characterization award from MRS, (2013)
  • Member, National Academy of Inventors, (2014)
  • MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award, (2013)
  • NY Society of Applied Spectroscopy Gold Medal, (2008)
  • Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Society Award, (2005)
  • Howard L. Ritter Memorial Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Miami University, (2002)
  • A. E. Michelson Award in Molecular Spectroscopy, (2002)
  • Ellis Lippincott Award in Vibrational Spectroscopy, (1993)
  • Louis A. Strait Award in Applied Spectroscopy, (1992)
  • Williams-Wright Award in Vibrational Spectroscopy, (1990)
  • Fellow, American Physical Society (APS), (1986)
  • Coblentz Award in Molecular Spectroscopy, (1985)

Research Interests

  • The Development of Spectroscopic Instrumentation for “Real-Time” Characterization
  • Nanoscale Control of Biomaterials
  • Tissue Engineering Constructs for Biomedical Applications