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Research in the area of tissue engineering has witnessed tremendous progress in recent years due to its potential to improve human health. The basic principle is to combine the appropriate cells with a polymeric scaffold that leads to in vitro tissue formation. However, the available matrix materials used to date are very limited, and tailor made scaffolds geared toward specific applications have been lacking. We are interested in developing intelligent biomaterials that closely mimic the molecular composition, mechanical responsiveness, and nanoscale organizations of the natural extracellular matrices (ECM). These novel biomaterials, combined with defined biophysical cues and biological factors, are essential for functional tissue regeneration.

Group Staff

Graduate Students
Alexandra Farran
Sarah Grieshaber
Zhixiang Tong
Longxi Xiao

Xinyi Wang
Xiaowei Yang

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
Chengzhong Cui


Xinqiao Jia

Current Projects

Functional Biomaterials: Hyaluronic Acid-Based, Hydrogel Particles and Doubly Crosslinked Networks

Functional Biomaterials: Mechano-Responsive Hydrogels

Functional Biomaterials: Elastin-Mimetic Hybrid Polymers

Functional Biointerfaces

Tissue Engineering: Vocal Fold Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering: Salivary Gland Tissue Engineering

Functional Biomaterials: Nanocarriers for Cancer Therapeutics

Tissue Engineering: Tumor Engineering



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