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Research in our group encompasses the areas of biospecific recognition via surface interactions in self assembled monolayers (SAMs) and Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films, structure-property relationships in homopolymers and multiblock polymers, polymer molding at the nanoscale, and flow deposition of polymers using microfluidic applications. A parallel activity in the design and construction of novel instrumentation for investigating electronic properties of materials and for the real-time observation of polymer orientation in fibers and films is also maintained.

The group utilizes and maintains an array of instrumentation necessary for characterization of thin films, surfaces and interfaces and electronic materials. These include contact angle, FTIR-Reflection Absorption, ellipsometry, surface probe microscopy, SEM, Raman microscopy and a range of instrumentation to determine mechanical properties. These are complemented by a range of computer simulation software used to calculate minumurn energy conformations and IR and Raman intensities.

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Wenwen Liu
Xiaoqian Ma
Wenqiong Tang

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Dr. Keun Hyung Lee


John F. Rabolt

Current Projects

Development of Spectroscopic Instrumentation for "Real-Time" Characterization

Nanoscale Control of Biomaterials

Tissue Engineering Constructs for Biomedical Applications



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